“Wear” It Well with Type III (Wavy Slot) Tension Bushings

Vogelsang Type III (wavy

 With an ever-vigilant eye on industry trends and customer demands, Vogelsang Fastener Solutions, Inc. (VFS) is making Type III slot configurations the standard for all of its Tension Bushings. Bill Pappas, Business Development Manager for VFS explains “We saw an increase in requests for Type III Tension Bushings and wanted to make sure our customers were covered by offering our entire line of Tension Bushings with this wavy slot configuration. This means all sizes from 3/4″ outside diameter to 3 1/2″ are available through our same-day shipment program Quick Ship.”


Type III Tension Bushings could be your answer if you are experiencing any wear at pivot points, or if you wish to increase the amount of “wear time” between changing existing bushings. Tension Bushings are hollow cylinders with a full-length longitudinal slot, permitting compression and expansion. They perform very well in low RPM, and high impact applications, providing exceptional wear characteristics while protecting the bore.


VFS produces their Type III Tension Bushings from high carbon spring steel which has high elasticity and resilience. These material qualities are enhanced by thru-hardening in heat treatment. This process and the inherent elasticity of the material provide constant radial tension for tight fit. Installation is easy in manufacturing environments or replacements in the field with minimal tools, without causing damage to the surface of the bore or shaft to which they are fitted.


All Type III Tension Bushings can be ordered through Quick Ship, VFS’s same-day shipment program. Orders received by 1:00 pm (EST) will be shipped same-day. Orders received after 1:00 pm (EST) will be shipped by the next business day. For more information, call 800-526-2376, email [email protected] or visit www.VogelsangFastener.com.