A closer look at VFS Heavy Duty Coiled Spring Pins


What makes a Heavy Duty Coiled Spring Pin from VFS so special begins with its construction. A strip of hardened steel is rolled in coils (approximately 2 1/4 times) to make a VFS Heavy Duty Coiled Spring Pin. By virtue of this design, Coiled Spring Pins are resilient, versatile and maximize the lifespan of the application to which it is inserted. Coiled Spring Pins immediately begin to distinguish themselves from other tension pins at assembly, as the direction of the applied load need not be considered. Further, as a Coiled Spring Pin is installed, the coils absorb the compression from the outer wrap to the inner wrap and equally distribute stresses throughout the pin. Coiled Spring Pins continue to flex after installation and most importantly, when a load is applied, continuously absorbing the load evenly throughout the pin. They offer greater radial contact (decreasing the potential for hole damage).


Because of their flexible coiled construction, all VFS Coiled Spring Pins absorb shock and vibration without compromise to the pin’s strength. This is especially valuable in Heavy Duty applications such as axles, pivots, door handles, door locks, cases, hinge pins, alignment pins, stop pins, circuit breakers, electric motors, pumps, steering columns, and in assembly settings with multiple components.


When determining whether or not a Heavy Duty Coiled Pin is needed, the first factor to be considered is load. How heavy is the load the installed pin will absorb in the final component? Heavy Duty Coiled Spring Pins are most appropriate in applications with elevated loading and stress levels. The second factor to consider is component material. Heavy Duty pins offer superior shear strength and are necessary to use (instead of Standard or Light Duty) in hardened components.


VFS Heavy Duty Coiled Spring Pins are stocked in Inch (1/16” to 3/4”), and Metric (1MM to 16MM), with large diameter pins also available. Standard materials include high carbon spring steel or martensitic chromium steel (AISI 420), 420 18.8 stainless steel, work hardened 18-8 nickel chromium steel and, upon request, special materials. The standard finish for steel pins is plain and oiled. Plated pins are available upon request.


Heavy Duty Coiled Spring Pins (Inch & Metric) can be ordered through VFS’s same-day shipment program — Quick Ship. This popular program makes available thousands of SKUs pre-packaged & ready for same-day shipment. Quick Ship offers the most competitive prices, with no additional charges or handling fees! Standard Duty Coiled Spring Pins are also available through Quick Ship. Light Duty Coiled Spring Pins are available upon special request.


Check out VFS’s complete Quick Ship product line of Rollpins®, Automotive Spring Pins and Tension Bushings at www.VogelsangFastener.com. To receive a free catalog with more information and product charts call 800-526-2376, or email [email protected]. Or, visit http://www.vogelsangfastener.com/products/tension-pins/coil-pins/