Automotive Spring Pins: The Features of a Coil Pin — with Big Savings!

Automotive Spring Pin Application

Automotive Spring Pins being driven into a blind hole with other components positioned above, to ensure that parts are positioned accurately.

Automotive Spring Pins from Vogelsang Fastener Solutions, Inc. (VFS) combine the features of coiled spring pins with sophisticated German tool design to provide high quality and reliable non-threaded fasteners with savings. Designed for high volume automatic feed lines, Automotive Spring Pins provide features and benefits for your application. VFS has provided these remarkable pins to their customers that need the tried-and-true characteristics of a coiled spring pin while keeping costs down. “Our engineers design Automotive Spring Pins for brand new applications as well as cost-reduction solutions for existing coiled pin applications,” explained VFS’s Business Development Manager, Nick Penney. “This is a great example of VFS’s experience and creatively at work, designing and engineering top-quality products that save our customers money and weight.”

Automotive Spring Pins provide features that enhance assembly such as; slot design to prevent interlock for automatic feed, tight overall length tolerance, and circumference geometry for full radial tension to sustain dynamic loading.  All of these design features increase quality production, allow automatic insertion and reduce cost. What’s more, soft host materials will not be scarred or galled by Automotive Spring Pins because Vogelsang employs superior metal-forming technology to round the pins’ chamfers and set internal burr direction.

VFS offers their Automotive Spring Pins in a variety of materials, diameters and geometry. Each pin is backed by three decades of engineered solutions providing equal — or superior — quality to standard coil pin products with savings.

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