ERP “Pins”Down the Other Fasteners!

Introducing the Engineered-RollPin™ from Vogelsang Fastener Solutions

Vogelsang has engineered a product to incorporate the features of a coiled spring pin into a much more cost effective Engineered- RollPin™ (ERP-Series™). Through sophisticated German tool design, pins are non-scarring to soft host materials, prevent interlocking for automatic feed systems, and are capable of sustaining dynamic loading. Vogelsang is convinced ERP-Series™ products can provide significant cost savings for customers’ existing applications.

Some may believe their choice of non-threaded fasteners is limited to generic low cost roll pins or the often-times cost prohibitive coil pins. In realty, there is an exciting alternative that the engineers at Vogelsang Fastener Solutions have developed; specific pins designed to satisfy today’s demand for higher quality, reliable non-threaded fasteners with a cost reduction to boot. The Engineered-RollPin™ provides features that enhance assembly: rounded chamfers with internal burr direction to prevent galling or scarring, slot design to prevent interlock for automatic feed, tight overall length tolerance, and circumference geometry for full radial tension to sustain dynamic loading. All of these design features increase quality production, allow automatic insertion and reduce cost.

The Vogelsang engineers responsible for developing the ERP-Series™ have over two decades of experience in engineered metal forming technology, and can create customized products for new programs, or cost reduction solutions for existing coiled pin applications. The ERP-Series™ offers a selection of materials, diameters and geometry; and provide equal — or superior — quality to standard coil pin products with savings of 25-30%. The technical innovations are limitless.