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(examples: Steel, Stainless, Aluminum, Hard Plastic, Soft Plastic, etc)

(examples: Manual Insertion, Automatic Insertion, Injection Mold, After Mold, etc.)


On our production lines, we combine roll bending with rolling processes to ensure optimum results. We develop solutions that cost-effectively replace elements from other production processes, such as deep-drawn parts, turned parts or tube sections.

Trust in a manufacturing process that gets more for you.

Slotted Tension Pins
ISO 8752 (heavy duty) | ISO 13337 (light duty)
ASME B18.8.2 | ASME B18.8.4M

Coiled Tension Pins
ISO 8748 (heavy duty) | ISO 8750 (standard duty) ISO 8751 (light duty)
ASME B18.8.2 | ASME B18.8.3M (all duties)

Specific forms of slots prevent pins from tangling during automatic feeding processes on assembly lines, or during coating operations made on the pins themselves.


Spacers are used in special processes to assure a correct and fixed distance between two connected modules. Moreover the spacer absorbs the tightening force of the screw.

Guidance and relative positioning of two parts. | Slot enables to compensate some misalignment or bore faults. | Grinding matches the specific requirements of precise assemblies

Any shaft movement in a bore induces friction wear of the shaft and / or the bore. In order to avoid this major inconvenience, it is therefore essential to insert an intermediary part, made of more resistant material, between the two relatively moving parts. Tension bushings, easily inserted and withdrawn, are the rational and economical solution to solve this problem.

Compression limiters are non-threaded inserts designed to protect plastic parts from loads created by the tightening of bolts. The load causes compression, which can lead to cracking and creep due to tightening torque. Vogelsang offers an extensive line of cost saving compression limiters. Multiple design options in our compression limiters combined with our dedicated team allows your product to incorporate different shapes, materials, features and overall cost saving!

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