Alignment Dowels

alignment dowels Superior Cost Saving Ideas

  • Reduce weight verses solid dowel pins
  • Reduce costs verses solid dowel pins
  • Use for centerline alignment
  • Precision Ground
  • Defined chamfers
  • Used in the same holes as pins to ISO 8734
  • Logical solution for  product improvement

Vogelsang’s hollow Alignment Dowels are manufactured using the roll- bending method, our core area of competence. They are the most economical alternative to solid machined parts in areas such as:

alignment dowels
  • Engines
  • Powertrain
  • Manifolds
  • Chassis Frame Technology
  • Metal Housings

Precision ground to exacting dimensions, your application’s requirements can be easily met. Many customers achieve a 50% or greater weight savings when they convert a solid dowel to our hollow alignment dowel. Continuous innovation processes enable us to fulfill the special requirements of our customers with top-quality products. With our technology, we can offer solutions for complex design tasks.  Our aim is to create an advantage for our customers by always being one step ahead.

The precision ground hollow dowels complement our complete line of hollow dowels, hollow split dowels, and hollow Tension Bushings.