Axle Products/Sleeves/Bushings

Alternative cost saving to cut and modified tubes, these products are built to customer specifications featuring a clinched seam design.  Various materials may be specified including profiled edges, knurling and other specialties.

  1. Positioning Aid
  2. Exterior Groove
  3. Interior Groove
  4. Defined Quality
  5. Clinched Connection (Outside Plasma Welded)
  6. Optimized Strip Thinkness
  7. Additional flow through holes simultaneously reduction in weight.

  • Twist beam rear axle / multilink axle
  • Control arms
  • Suspension struts
  • Trapezoidal link / A-Arm
  • Auxiliary subframe (chassis subframe)

Possible Designs

  • Round and oval shapes
  • Clinched and non-clinched slot varieties

The Benefits to You

  • A function-compliant standard of quality
  • Cost advantage
Problem Example: Heretofore, in order to mount rubber-metal connections, drawn retainer tubes (vibration absorbers) were welded onto the axle strut.

Problem: The tube deforms up to 1.5 mm into an oval shape due to  weld distortion.  This out-of-round condition is unacceptable to OEM standards.


  • Manufacture a rolled chassis Tension Bushing with a defined oval shape and a clinched connection.
  • Our designed elliptical shape will draw back to round through planned weld distortion.  The welded diameter is within the permissible tolerance of 0.2 mm.