A significant advantage of our product concept is no material thin out from the standard drawn stamping method. Our AVS Cages are trimmed in the flat and then rolled and clinch seamed for consistent thickness throughout the part. The product can also be welded for swedged secondary processes.

  1. Clinched connection (plasma-welded)
  2. Flanged
  3. Narrow band bridges
  4. Positioning
  5. Defined

  • Hydrobushings
  • Cradle Mounts

Possible designs

  • Various window sizes
  • Various flow-through holes
  • Clinched and welded
  • Flanged ends (single or dual)
cage Problem Example: Typically deep drawn or cast cage parts are required for hydrobushing structure.

Problem: Deep drawn cage part exhibits unacceptable thin-out.

Solution: Vogelsang’s unique process provides ZERO thin-out since all features are stamped in the flat and then rolled subsequently thereafter in a single automatic tool.

The benefits to you:

  • Design compliant product with exceptional quality.
  • Cost advantage