Spacers & Weld Eye Rings

Products are designed to meet customer specifications and are rolled with several different seam configurations. We also offer automatic swedging for additional central thickness requirements. Mostly used for shock absorber weld-eye rings as well as in various suspension components.

Spacers & Weld Eye Rings Applications

  • Weld-Eye Rings for shock-absorbers
  • Suspension Link Ends
  • General Mounting Spacers

Problem Example: Need for an unusual shape not available from standard cut tubing.


  • Conical shapes, achievable by means of cold extrusion or by using profiled strip metal
  • Use of profiled strip steel makes other geometrical shapes and applications possible
  • Various types of slot can be produced

The benefits to you

  • Reproducible shapes
  • Cost-effective alternative
Slot Styles Slot Styles

  • Outer Open
  • Inner Closed
  • Parallel
  • Seam closed to prevent rubber seepage.
End styles End Styles

  • Flat
  • Rounded
  • Serrated
  • Sharp

  • Round
  • Oval
  • Triangular
  • Elliptical
  • Special
Spacer shapes