Tension Pins

Roll Pins

Vogelsang Rollpins® are today’s most universal, time saving and economical fasteners. Universal because they replace over 12 different fasteners. Timesaving because they can be installed in a single operation. Economical because they are made in one piece and are easily removable.

Automotive Spring Pins

Vogelsang has engineered a product to incorporate the features of a coiled spring pin into much more cost effective Automotive Spring Pins. Through sophisticated tool design, pins are non-scarring to soft host materials, prevent interlocking for automatic feed systems, and are capable of sustaining dynamic loading. Automotive Spring Pins products can provide significant cost savings for customers’ existing applications.

Coil Pins

Vogelsang Coiled Spring Pins are designed to broaden the scope of non-threaded fastening applications. The pin design employs a 2.25 coil wrap which provides greater radial contact, as well as uniform flexibility during insertion with minimal stress.