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Vogelsang is a Leader in Engineered Tubular Fasteners.

Vogelsang’s team of design and manufacturing professionals offers creative and cost-effective solutions to meet your needs. We manufacture steel and nonferrous metal products with band thickness of 0.007 – 0.315” (0.2 – 8.0 mm). Tool design and the use of ultra modern metal forming equipment provide cost effective solutions by eliminating or reducing secondary operations.

Vogelsang Can Design & Craft the Parts To Fit Your Custom Needs!

Vogelsang can help your design and development group solve challenging design and manufacturing problems by creating inventive and cost-effective custom-made tubular parts and spacers.  Our custom product designs have limitless possibilities, and are all backed by experience, design engineering assistance and quality assurance.

  • Variety of Materials and Commercial Finishes
  • Close tolerances
  • Open/Closed Interlocked Slots
  • Special Shapes/Geometry in Body of Part
  • Special Chamfer/Notched or Serrated End Profiles
  • Suspension Assemblies
  • Shock Absorber Inner Tubes
  • Eye Rings
  • Compression Limiters in Plastic Parts
  • Axle and Antivibration Systems
  • Flanged Compression Limiters

We provide concept-to-completion creative solutions.