VFS “Wraps” Up the Market on Coiled Spring Pins

VFS Coiled Spring Pin
Coiled Spring Pins manufactured by Vogelsang Fastener Solutions, Inc.  (VFS) provide a most resilient and versatile fastening solution. By coil-wrapping lighter wall thickness material approximately 2.25 times, these non-threaded tension fasteners enhance the characteristics of Slotted Spring Pins.


As a Coiled Spring Pin is installed, the coils absorb the compression from the outer wrap to the inner wrap and equally distribute stresses throughout the pin. Coiled Spring Pins continue to flex after installation and most importantly, when a load is applied. They offer greater radial contact (decreasing the potential for hole damage), and also – by their construction – absorb shock and vibration.


Coiled Spring Pins are available in Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty. Materials for the Inch series are carbon steel and 420 18.8 stainless steel. Metric series materials include carbon steel and 18.8 stainless steel. VFS has recently introduced new diameters into their already-robust line, making it the most complete stock inventory available of Inch and Metric Coiled Spring Pins.


Business Development Manager for VFS, Nick Penney, is pleased to announce some new customer service options that he maintains will give even more control and cost-savings options to customers. These new services include blanket ordering, and per-print specialty items. Penney stated, “These service enhancements, our expanded Coiled Spring Pin capacity and same-day shipment program (QuickShip) makes VFS the obvious choice for fastener solutions.”


To learn more, get your free copy of VFS’s Coiled Spring Pin catalog by calling 800-526-2376. Or, view VFS’s Coiled Spring Pin product page by clicking here . Ready to order? Call 800-526-2376 or email [email protected].