Vogelsang Compression Limiters Ease The Load!

Compression Limiter array with applicationVogelsang compression limiters absorb stress and compression loads placed on plastic components within assemblies. Tightening torque from bolts being fastened leads to compression in the plastic material. This surface pressure causes cracking and creeping, and decreases the reliability of bolted connections. Compression limiters manufactured by Vogelsang save money by avoiding having to replace plastic components. They are the inexpensive alternative to tubular or machined parts.

Applications for compression limiters are used in valve covers, transmission & oil pans, water pumps, engine covers and more. Assemblies with plastic molding, rubber molding, fiberglass molding and composite materials all benefit greatly from compression limiters.

Vogelsang compression limiters can be manufactured in virtually every geometric shape and can feature such designs as straight seams, flanged ends, outer surface knurls, outer grooves, quadrangular stamping and more. Even closed slot edges which allow insertion into the bore hole without a scraping action can be accomodated on request.

Molded in place or easily inserted after injection molding, all Vogelsang compression limiters are manufactured with exceptional quality and rolled to exacting tolerances. No product leaves Vogelsang’s plant without a 100% check of the dimensions and sorting accuracy. Quality is good…and inspection is even better!

For more information or to order Vogelsang compression limiters, please call 800-526-2376.