Vogelsang Compression Limiters Ease The Load!

Vogelsang compression limiters absorb stress and compression loads placed on plastic components within assemblies. Tightening torque from bolts being fastened leads to compression in the plastic material. This surface pressure causes cracking and creeping, and decreases the reliability of bolted connections. Compression limiters manufactured by Vogelsang save money by avoiding having to replace plastic components. They are the inexpensive alternative to tubular or machined parts.

Stand Up to Mother Nature with Stainless Steel Rollpins®

Vogelsang is pleased to arm their customers against the elements with a new line of stainless steel Rollpins®. These Rollpins® deliver a high level of corrosion resistance perfect for use in the boating, sports, and food-handling industries, as well as any application exposed to the outdoors.

What’s So “Special” About Vogelsang Tension Bushings?

As most OEMs know, Vogelsang Tension Bushings are versatile, easy to install, cost-effective, and ideal for high load/low-speed operations in harsh, non-lubricated environments. They also know these bushings can be used in a variety of applications in agricultural equipment, construction equipment, railroad, industrial lawn care and more.

Vogelsang’s 2012 “Top Ten” List

As 2012 comes to a close, Vogelsang would like to take a moment to look back on their 10 most notable achievements and improvements for this year. These accomplishments have helped them reach the goals they set at the beginning of this year to improve customer service and re-emphasize their position as a leading global manufacturer of formed metal products for the past 40 years.

ASP “Pins” Down the Other Fasteners!

Vogelsang has engineered a product to incorporate the features of a coiled spring pin into a much more cost effective Automotive Spring Pin (ASP). Through sophisticated German tool design, pins are non-scarring to soft host materials, prevent interlocking for automatic feed systems, & are capable of sustaining dynamic loading. Vogelsang is convinced Automotive Spring Pin products can provide significant cost savings for customers’ existing applications.

Metric Products: A Perfect Fit Around The World

Vogelsang Fastener Solutions provides many solutions to challenges facing today’s demanding world market. Vogelsang’s complete metric product line is an example of one such solution. Metric spring pins, metric coiled pins and metric tension bushings are all stock product offerings in the USA and Germany. Metric spring pins by their design are stronger than the rolled formed pins. Made to exacting tolerances, Vogelsang’s metric pins are engineered to fit standard metric holes.

Vogelsang Invests in Expanded Product Offerings and Improved Customer Service

Vogelsang Fastener Solutions in Lakewood NJ has embarked on a major equipment project which will help them exceed their customers’ expectations. Earlier this year, Vogelsang began taking their entire line of coiled pin machines off-line temporarily to be shipped and completely refurbished in their plant in Germany. There, each machine will be inspected by the best German engineers and designers in the industry, and then rebuilt and upgraded. This capital equipment investment will help Vogelsang’s coiled pin production line meet the most rigorous standards of efficiency and capacity for today…and far into the future.

No Matter What You Call Them, Tension Bushings Get The Job Done

Did you know that Tension Bushings are also known as Spring Bushings, and Split Steel Bushings? No matter what you call them, these cost effective bearings are designed to replace solid steel (tubular) and case hardened parts. They are ideal for high-load/low-speed operations in harsh, non-lubricated environments. Vogelsang Tension Bushings are close tolerance and self-retaining parts, and have chamfered ends to facilitate insertion and removal.

New Products, People, and Ways To Do Business at Vogelsang

In keeping with the new website launch & renewed commitment to customer service, Vogelsang has some other announcements this month beginning with a formal welcome to Nick Penney, National Sales Manager. Nick has over 25 years of sales management experience in the fastener and engineered components industry. Along with driving sales into new markets (targeting compression limiters and large diameter pins) Nick has already helped expand Vogelsang’s present markets and is at the forefront of Vogelsang’s re-commitment to customer service.

Vogelsang’s New Website Designed With Customers In Mind

With a newly launched user-friendly website and a laser-focused plan to improve customer service, Vogelsang’s 40th anniversary is proving to be an eventful — and historical — year. National Sales Manager Nick Penney has made this renewed commitment to the customer his number one priority stating, “We asked our customers what we could do to make it easier for them to do business with us, and an updated more functional website was high on the list.”