What’s So “Special” About Vogelsang Tension Bushings?

Vogelsang Tension BushingsAs most OEMs know, Vogelsang Tension Bushings are versatile, easy to install, cost-effective, and ideal for high load/low-speed operations in harsh, non-lubricated environments. They also know these bushings can be used in a variety of applications in agricultural equipment, construction equipment, railroad, industrial lawn care and more. What they may not know is that Vogelsang offers a variety of fabricated “specials” to enhance their Bushings which can fulfill the most demanding applications.

These special enhancements can be internal and/or external grooves and holes which aid in flowing lubricant. Or, chamfered ends, and internal chamfers which are ideal for aiding the insertion. Also specific diameters, wall thicknesses and intermediate lengths can be accomodated. Other specials to meet customer requirements include specific “gap” width, press in force and a variety of plating options.

Call Vogelsang’s Business Development Manager for Tension Bushings — Bill Pappas — today to discuss your specific needs. He will work alongside Vogelsang’s highly skilled engineers and fabricators to help design and machine something “special” for you!

Bill can be reached at 732-364-0444 ext. 7217. Or email him at [email protected].  To read more about Vogelsang Tension Bushings, go to Vogelsangcorp.com/products/tension-bushings.