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Features & Benefits Of Vogelsang Custom Engineered Pins

  • Custom configurations can reduce weight
  • Can be made self locking and self adjusting
  • Can be made with wavy, straight or trapezoidal slots
  • Other options include flanges, bevels, half moon shape, protrusions, grooves, and dimples
  • Can be designed for double pinning
  • Can be ground
  • Can adjust the pin to fit specific hole sizes, with specific lengths and tolerances
  • Available in high carbon steel, 3-16 steel, 18-8 steel, 4-20 steel, aluminum, and nickel alloys
  • Equal — or superior — quality to standard coil pin products with savings of 25-30%


  • For applications where a truly custom solution is needed
  • Ideal for the assembly of two (or more) fixed or moving components, which can be made of varied materials
  • Frequently used across a wide variety of industries, including automotive, mechanical, aeronautical, building and construction, tooling, armaments, electrical and electrical home appliances, handling, railway, agricultural and more
  • Found in products ranging from high heeled shoes to wheel chairs, guns, plastic toys, respirators and snow blowers among many others

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