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Fasteners, rolled metal tubular parts, and wrapped products

All-Purpose Solutions

We combine metal wrapping technologies of roll forming, punch press-stamping, and four slide on our state of the art production lines to ensure optimum results for any application.

Superior Quality

Classic engineering, exacting precision and inventiveness combined with excellent quality management, dedicated employees, and modern machinery ensures high quality products.

Reduce Costs

Our cost-effective solutions replace elements from other processes, such as deep-drawn parts, sintered metal parts, modified tube sections or turned parts. Our wide range of products will convince you.

Stock Program

Our in-stock shipment program offers low pricing on popular products with no additional charges or handling fees and convenient master cartons.

Thank you for your efforts and foresight to quote on alternative parts. You really made everyone here involved with the quote feel safe using your company. Definitely a huge help and a great example of going above and beyond!

Nicholas M.

Choose a fastener

slotted tension pin

Slotted Tension Pins

The slotted tension pin (Rollpin) is a multi-purpose, non-threaded, versatile, and economic fastener. Material, hardness, and design provide a stronger joint than many solid steel pins, taper pins, or grooved pins of like diameter.

vogelsang coil pin

Coiled Spring Pins

Coiled Spring Pins begin with a strip of hardened steel wrapped in coils approximately 2.25 times. This design result in pins that are resilient, versatile and maximize the lifespan of the applications to which they are inserted.

tension bushing

Tension Bushings

Tension Bushings are hollow cylinders with a full-length longitudinal slot, permitting compression and expansion when installed into a bore. They have high elasticity, resilience, and wear characteristics.

compression limiter

Compression Limiters

Compression Limiters are non-threaded inserts designed to protect plastic, wood and rubber parts from loads created by the tightening of bolts. These products are fabricated completely in accordance with our customers’ wishes.

ground hollow dowel

Ground Hollow Dowels

Designed as replacements for standard Ground Solid Dowels and used where centerline tolerancing and precision alignment are required. Their design affords substantial cost savings over solid dowels.

automotive spring pin

Automotive Spring Pins

The Automotive Spring Pin (ASP) is a simple and low-cost alternative to solid pins, coiled pins, and slotted tension pins.  Specifically designed for high-speed automatic feed production, the ASP pins establishes completely new performance standards at a much lower cost.



Spindles are a type of spacer designed for joint applications. Due to the angles of the chamfers and the gap profile, the gap is pulled away from the outer diameter and does not interfere with or rub against applications. An excellent design for hinged applications, giving your product a longer life expectancy.

custom engineered pin

Custom Engineered Pins

A wide variety of custom pins designed for your application. Unique features include slots design variations, flanged ends, controlled gaps, flared ends, location slots, modified points, needlepoints, squared ends,  internal chamfers, various raw materials substrates and platings.

Choose a tubular part



Spacers are used in special processes to assure a correct and fixed distance between two connected modules. These products are designed to meet customer specifications and are rolled with several different seam configurations.

axle sleeve

Axle Sleeves

We offer creative cost-effective solutions to meet your tubular product requirements. Let us show you the advantages of our technology as we work with your design engineers creating products to give you a performance edge.

antivibration cages

Antivibration Cages

Our custom products for hydro bushings are manufactured with close tolerances. Features are open, closed or interlocking slots, clinched and welded, intricate designs including flats, flanges, inner rings, cutaways, special chamfers and locating notches. Our engineering team will design complex geometry including flats, cut away, holes and contours.

shock absorber weld eye ring

Shock Absorber Sleeves/Weld Eye-Rings

Designed to accommodate the shock absorber rubber molding, Vogelsang’s custom product offer close tolerance, special shapes while combining manufacturing technologies for complex designs.  We are many companies first choice for highly specialized components—all at attractive pricing!

chassis bushing

Bushings For Frames/Chassis

A cost-effective alternative to cut or machined tubing. We produce bushings for suspension systems with high dimensional accuracy and concentricity. Different shapes, profiles and radial serrations are available to be engineered into your product design. Our uncompromising commitment to quality ensures a flawless fit.


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