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Features & Benefits Of Vogelsang Antivibration Cages

  • Produced out of strip metal in the roll-bending process
  • The clinched connection is subsequently plasma-welded to prevent the cage from opening during transit
  • Types with one or two-sided flange
  • To deburr the edges, potentially, grinding or shot blasted
  • Cost reduction compared to deep-drawing parts or diecasting parts with ZERO thin-out
  • Defined radius
  • Positioning aids to lock into your application precisely and hold in place
  • Reduced weights
  • Manufactured with close tolerances
  • Features are open, closed or interlocking slots, clinched and welded, intricate designs including flats, flanges, inner rings, cutaways, special chamfers and locating notches


  • “Caged” hydrobushings provide inner strength for the rubber mold while being able to reduce weight.
  • Antivibration cages incorporate complex bodies, special geometry, flats, cutaways, holes, flow-through slots, and contours.

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