Antivibration Cages

Custom products for hydro bushings

Intricate designs with complex geometry designed for your application

Our custom products for hydro bushings are manufactured with close tolerances. Features are open, closed or interlocking slots, clinched and welded, intricate designs including flats, flanges, inner rings, cutaways, special chamfers and locating notches.

Our engineering team will design complex geometry including flats, cut away, holes and contours.

Features & Advantages

antivibration cage
  • Produced out of strip metal in the roll-bending process
  • The clinched connection is subsequently plasma-welded to prevent the cage from opening during transit
  • Types with one or two-sided flange
  • To deburr the edges, potentially, grinding or shot blasted
  • Cost reduction compared to deep-drawing parts o diecasting parts with ZERO thin-out
  • Defined radius
  • Positioning aids to lock into your application precisely and hold in place
  • Reduced weights


These sophisticated formed metal products meet the highest quality standard for precision material properties and mechanical characteristics. Our uncompromising attention to detail, precision, and control systems have made Vogelsang Fastener Solutions the first choice for many companies.

“Caged” hydrobushings provide inner strength for the rubber mold while being able to reduce weight. Antivibration cages incorporate complex bodies, special geometry, flats, cutaways, holes, flow-through slots, and contours.