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Features & Benefits Of Vogelsang Automotive Spring Pins

  • Made of high carbon steel
  • Designed for automatic feeds
  • Unique features can include optimizing chamfers, controlling radius, and controlling treatment to exact standards
  • 100% inspection, including hardness, monitoring of functional dimensions and third-party debris
  • Stronger than a standard slotted pin
  • Reduce weight and per piece cost over other pins
  • Good in applications where there is salt spray
  • Allows for larger bore tolerances than is the case with abrasive sleeves and solid pins.
  • Guaranteed optimum placement, especially in the case of soft materials such as plastic or aluminum
  • A simple and low cost alternative to solid pins, coiled pins, fitted sleeves and solid alignment dowels


  • Applications where automatic insertion is involved
  • When superior corrosion protection is desired
  • In high vibration applications
  • In soft materials like plastic and aluminum
  • In high volume production applications, bringing cost savings and weight savings with a superior product

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