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Automotive Spring Pins

A Vogelsang exclusive design

A simple and low cost alternative

The Automotive Spring Pin sets completely new standards in performance at a much lower cost, and is the result of decades of practical experience in the field of technical connection systems.

With Vogelsang’s exclusive automotive spring pins, we guarantee optimum placement, especially in the case of soft materials such as plastic or aluminum. To achieve this, we ensure that pre-tension is significantly reduced and that the outside edges are rounded.

As a result, these pins provide a simple and low cost alternative to solid pins, coiled pins, fitted sleeves and solid alignment dowels.

The slot edges are at the intersection between the chamfer and the slot below the surrounding diameter. The pin is driven into the bore hole without any scraping action. As such, any risk of damage is eliminated.

As a result of a defined design, the slot width avoids part nesting so that automatic feeding is most effective without high costs. Tapered slot edges avoid damage to the insides of the bore hole.

In connection with heat treatment, the use of C67S (non-alloyed stainless steel in accordance with DIN EN 10132-4:2003) achieves the optimum combination of elasticity and hardness.

Features & Advantages

automotive spring pin applications
  • Made of high carbon steel
  • Designed for automatic feeds
  • Unique features can include optimizing chamfers, controlling radius, and controlling treatment to exact standards
  • 100% inspection, including hardness, monitoring of functional dimensions and third-party debris
  • Stronger than a standard slotted pin
  • Reduce weight and per piece cost over other pins
  • Good in applications where there is salt spray
  • Allows for larger bore tolerances than is the case with abrasive sleeves and solid pins.


Displace more expensive Coil Pins where automatic insertion is involved. This is accomplished with specifically designed slots in the spring pins.

Displace more expensive Coil Pins that require plating. The plated Coil Pins offer inferior corrosion protection due to inner layers having no real plating.

The lighter wall thickness and inherent flexibility of the Standard Duty pin make it ideal for use in the more malleable or pliant applications. Pins are used in high vibration applications, and are excellent in soft materials like plastic and aluminum.

Ideal for use in high volume production applications, bringing cost savings and weight savings with a superior product.

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