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Features & Benefits Of Vogelsang Coiled Spring Pins

  • Standard materials are high carbon spring steel or martensitic chromium steel (AISI 420), 420 18.8 stainless steel, and work hardened 18-8 nickel chromium steel.
  • Available in special materials on request.
  • Standard finish for steel pins is plain and oiled.
  • Plating, light duty and large diameter available on request.
  • Conforms to out-of-round hole
  • Swaged chamfers
  • A strip of hardened steel is wrapped in coils, approximately 2.25 times
  • Absorb the compression from the outer wrap to the inner wrap and equally distribute stresses throughout the pin
  • Will not gouge softer materials
  • Provide a minimum of 270┬░ surface contact in the hole


  • The standard duty (also called medium duty) has adequate characteristics and strength for most applications
  • Heavy Duty coil pins offer superior shear strength and are highly recommended for applications where loading and stress factors are elevated
  • Light duty coil pins are used in soft materials where strength is not a factor
  • Valuable in Heavy Duty and medium duty applications such as axles, pivots, door handles, door locks, cases, hinge pins, alignment pins, stop pins, circuit breakers, electric motors, pumps, steering columns, and in assembly settings with multiple components

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Metric Medium Duty Coiled Spring Pins 18-8 Stainless Steel ISO 8750 (formerly DIN 7343) ASME B18.8.3


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