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Coiled Spring Pins

High quality spring steel and heat treatment for consistent output

Coiled pins are versatile tension pins that can add value to your products.

Vogelsang Coiled Spring Pins begin with a strip of hardened steel that is wrapped in coils, approximately 2.25 times. By virtue of this design, pins are resilient, versatile and maximize the lifespan of the applications to which they are inserted.

Coiled Spring Pins distinguish themselves from other tension pins at assembly, as the direction of the applied load need not be considered. As a Coiled Spring Pin is installed, the coils absorb the compression from the outer wrap to the inner wrap and equally distribute stresses throughout the pin.

Pins continue to flex after installation and most importantly, when a load is applied, continuously absorb the load evenly throughout the pin. They offer greater radial contact, decreasing the potential for hole damage. Coiled Pins will provide a minimum of 270° surface contact in the hole.

Coil spring pins absorb shock and vibrations, and will not gouge softer materials. Uniform length and flexibility provides equal stress distribution and controlled radial shock, offering reduced fastener costs.

Inch coiled pins are stocked from 1/32 to 3/4 inch diameter, in a variety of materials, specifications and finishes. Our engineers are available to help you choose the right pin for your application.

Features & Advantages

coil pins application
  • Standard materials are high carbon spring steel or martensitic chromium steel (AISI 420), 420 18.8 stainless steel, and work hardened 18-8 nickel chromium steel.
  • Available in special materials on request.
  • Standard finish for steel pins is plain and oiled.
  • Plating, light duty and large diameter available on request.
  • Conforms to out-of-round hole
  • Swaged chamfers


Coil spring pins are manufactured in three duties. The standard duty (also called medium duty) has adequate characteristics and strength for most applications.

Heavy Duty coil pins offer superior shear strength and are highly recommended for applications where loading and stress factors are elevated.

Light duty coil pins are used in soft materials where strength is not a factor.

Because of their flexible coiled construction, all VFS Coiled Spring Pins absorb shock and vibration without compromise to the pin’s strength. This is especially valuable in Heavy Duty and medium duty applications such as axles, pivots, door handles, door locks, cases, hinge pins, alignment pins, stop pins, circuit breakers, electric motors, pumps, steering columns, and in assembly settings with multiple components.

Inch & Metric Coiled Spring Pin Resources

In Stock

Inch Medium Duty Coiled Spring Pins

Inch Heavy Duty Coiled Spring Pins

Metric Medium Duty Coiled Spring Pins Carbon ISO 8750 (formerly DIN 7343) ASME B18.8.3

Metric Medium Duty Coiled Spring Pins Carbon ISO 8748

Metric Medium Duty Coiled Spring Pins 18-8 Stainless Steel ISO 8750 (formerly DIN 7343) ASME B18.8.3


Inch Coiled Tension Pins

Inch Military Standard Pins

Metric Coiled Light Duty Tension Pins

Metric Coiled Medium Duty Tension Pins

Metric Coiled Heavy Duty Tension Pins

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