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Features & Benefits Of Vogelsang Compression Limiters

  • Optionally molded in place or inserted after injection molding
  • Tightly controlled process tolerances
  • Enclosed slot edges available on request
  • Full 100% sorting for automatic feeds
  • Designs take into account the degree of shrinkage, flange thickness, edge spacing and screw size
  • Wide range of sizes available from m3 through m30 OD
  • Can hold length tolerance +/- 0.05mm
  • Inexpensive alternative to tubular or machined parts
  • Reduces the weight of applications, making them especially effective as automotive components
  • Designed to protect plastic, wood and rubber parts from loads created by the tightening of bolts
  • Fabricated completely in accordance with our customers’ wishes and the statutory regulations using the roll-bending process for rolled tubular products
  • Can be optionally molded in place or inserted after injection molding
  • Strengthens plastic, wooden and rubber bores


  • Assemblies where mechanical forces are exerted on components made of tender / soft materials
  • Frequently found in use in the plastic industry, automotive industry and electrical industry
  • Common applications include airbag assembly boxes, electric modules of all kinds, front bumpers (under the fascia), fuel pedal assembly, transmission pans, oil pans, manifolds, valve covers, water pumps and motor inlet attachments

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