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Compression Limiters

Inexpensive alternative to tubular or machined parts

Protect plastic, wood and rubber parts

Soft components without compression limiters are destroyed during fastening as a result of the necessary screwing forces. The load causes compression, which can lead to cracking and creep due to tightening torque.

These non-threaded inserts are designed to protect plastic, wood and rubber parts from loads created by the tightening of bolts.

Vogelsang Compression Limiters are fabricated completely in accordance with our customers’ wishes and the statutory regulations using the roll-bending process for rolled tubular products. The multiple design options in our compression limiters combined with our dedicated team of engineers allows your product to incorporate the shapes, materials, and features you need.

Our punch press manufacturing process offers substantial cost savings over other products and allows for a wide variety of additional options. If the compression limiter requires features that normally have to be machined into a cut tube through a secondary process, our wrapped metal split seam compression limiters can provide the same if not more features at no increase in piece price and little expense in initial tooling.

Our compression limiters can be designed to any specification in varied sizes in diameters and lengths, and can include unique slot shapes, multiple seam types, grooves, knurling, and protrusions. We arrange the geometry and the material along with you, including outer diameter, inner diameter, material thickness, length, and the installation aids required (e.g. bevels). At the same time, almost every geometric shape can be implemented.

Compression limiters can be optionally molded in place or inserted after injection molding.

For insertion applications, the gap in the split seam will provide radial tension to ensure that the limiter does not fall out before final installation of both primary components. Cut tubing parts cannot provide the radial tension that our split seam CL’s can. We offer full service engineering assistance with customer product development to attain product assembly expectations.

For injection molded applications, Vogelsang’s wrapped split seam CL’s can be designed with a completely closed seam allowing for absolutely no bleed through. We can even design a V-shaped seam that does not allow seepage and the open end of the V-shape acts as an anti-rotation feature. We offer full service engineering assistance with customer product development to attain product assembly expectations.

Features & Advantages

compression limiter application
  • Optionally molded in place or inserted after injection molding.
  • Tightly controlled process tolerances.
  • Enclosed slot edges available on request
  • Full 100% sorting for automatic feeds
  • Designs take into account the degree of shrinkage, flange thickness, edge spacing and screw size
  • Wide range of sizes available from m3 through m30 OD
  • Can hold length tolerance +/- 0.05mm
  • Inexpensive alternative to tubular or machined parts.
  • Reduces the weight of applications, making them especially effective as automotive components


These products are designed in order to strengthen plastic, wooden and rubber bores. Of various shapes, and easily fitted in position thanks to their slot, these parts prove their functional utility in all kinds of assemblies where mechanical forces are exerted on components made of tender / soft materials.

They are frequently found in use in the plastic industry, automotive industry and electrical industry. Common applications include airbag assembly boxes, electric modules of all kinds, front bumpers (under the fascia), fuel pedal assembly, transmission pans, oil pans, manifolds, valve covers, water pumps and motor inlet attachments.

Insertion Parts

  • Prevention against loss is guaranteed through a defined oversize
  • Absorbs thermal dimensional variations
  • Units are inserted later
  • Flange is not destroyed
  • Open slot

Injection Molded Parts

  • Units are inserted into the tool in advance
  • Slot closed on the inside/outside, or both
  • Narrow length and diameter tolerances

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