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Features & Benefits Of Vogelsang Ground Hollow Dowels

  • Extremely tight diameter and length tolerances
  • Compliant with the narrowest outer-Ø tolerances
  • Different types of slots and material thicknesses available
  • High carbon steel
  • Can be plated
  • Grinding matches the specific requirements of precise assemblies
  • Aligns blocks to engine mounts precisely in automotive applications
  • Slot enables to compensate some misalignment or bore faults
  • Displace solid locator pins in a static load condition for significant weight and cost reduction


  • Anywhere that precise positioning of components is a prerequisite for ensuring location
  • In axles for rollers, pulleys, hinges, caps, and all kinds of other swiveling assemblies
  • Used in motor/transmission locators, cylinder head to block locators, flywheel or flex plate to block locators, and multiple transmission mechanism locators
  • Use when your application would benefit from less weight than a solid pin

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