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Ground Hollow Dowels

Precision ground for your application

Displace solid locator pins in a static load condition for significant weight and cost reduction

Vogelsang Ground Hollow Dowels are designed as replacements for standard Ground Solid Dowels and used where centerline tolerancing and precision alignment are required. Their design affords substantial cost savings over solid dowels.

They’re quick fitting by bushing operation and result in reduced mass thanks to their hollow body. The spindle elasticity compensates for some clearance/free play caused by wear. During rotation, the sunken edges of the slot do not damage the bore.

Ground hollow dowels are precision ground and can be ground down to very close tolerances on outer diameter for specific application needs. They offer high shear force without any movement off the located parts to each other. These parts are made to order for your application, and designed for high speed automatic lines with third party optical sorting.

Features & Advantages

ground hollow dowels variety
  • Extremely tight diameter and length tolerances
  • Compliant with the narrowest outer-Ø tolerances
  • Different types of slots and material thicknesses available
  • High carbon steel
  • Can be plated
  • Grinding matches the specific requirements of precise assemblies
  • Aligns blocks to engine mounts precisely in automotive applications
  • Slot enables to compensate some misalignment or bore faults


Use anywhere that precise positioning of components is a prerequisite for ensuring location.

Ground Hollow Dowels are used in axles for rollers, pulleys, hinges, caps, and all kinds of other swiveling assemblies. The are typically used by powertrain companies in applications including motor/transmission locators, cylinder head to block locators, flywheel or flex plate to block locators, and multiple transmission mechanism locators.

Use ground hollow dowels when your application would benefit from less weight than a solid pin. They’re self locking, can be plated, can be used as a thru hole, and are designed not to damage the bore hole or hinge. Slot edges are controlled and profiled.

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