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Did you know that every Vogelsang pin is manufactured in NATO countries with the highest quality carbon spring steel sourced from the United States and Germany? And our inch pins are manufactured exclusively in the USA. But why does that matter? And how can these pins benefit you?

These are just some of the advantages of our slotted and coiled pins – both of which are excellent fasteners for myriad applications across myriad industries, where they perform in both consumer and military firearms, axles, circuit breakers, electric motors, mining equipment, agricultural equipment and more.

Added Value With Special Platings

Our standard pins are made from high carbon spring steel of superior quality, and heat-treated for maximum strength, hardness and flexibility. The attention to detail assures high quality and consistent parts.

At Vogelsang we take active and vigorous measures to avoid embrittlement and ensure pins that will perform even in the most demanding circumstances. To do this, we recommend mechanical plating to strengthen pins, with platings that include zinc flake, black oxide, phos and oil, and zinc phos.

Vogelsang offers a wide variety of non-reflective platings, in addition to longer salt sprays for high corrosion resistance. These qualities make our pins especially valued for military firearms applications, but whatever the application, our engineers are available to make recommendations to support your needs.

Compliance With Uncompromising Standards

With high quality steel sourced from the United States and Germany, we ensure a superior product that you can rely on.

All of our products are RoHS and REACH compliant, which ensures that no materials banned as environmental and occupational hazards are ever used in production, nor do they come into contact with products during the manufacturing process.

All our pins are vigorously tested to the standard that are made to, fully traceable to the raw material.

Comprehensive Certifications To Assure Quality

Vogelsang maintains ISO 9000 certification, the world’s best known standard for quality management systems. This rigorous certification ensures a strong and efficient production process with strict standards for quality.

Our Germany plant maintains ISO 14000, the internationally recognized standard for environmental management systems, ensuring proactive measures to minimize our environmental footprint.

In addition, our Germany facility and its manufacturing process is IATF 16949 certified, with a quality management system that is audited by an independent third party at multiple stages.

These certifications demonstrate and ensure our commitment to the highest standards for environmental stewardship, occupational safety, and superior products.

MS Certifications For Specialized Applications

Vogelsang carries a full line of MS Certified pins with credentials that demonstrate our pins can withstand the specific conditions and environmental stresses that come with military use.

Each lot is accompanied by documentation supporting high quality testing and verification of the heat treat, material, hardness, and tensile strength to name a few, in addition to double shear testing, plating testing, dimensional testing and more.

All of our pins are fully traceable to the raw material via a lot number that can be traced directly back to the source and pour.

Flexibility And Cost Savings

Both slotted and coiled pins may be used interchangeably depending on your needs, offering strategic weight and cost savings over solid steel pins, taper pins, or grooved pins.

Slotted pins are typically chosen for their notably light weight. This economical solution regularly serves as fasteners, hinge pins, stop pins, assembly pins and in myriad other roles. Chamfered edges facilitate insertion without disrupting the hole diameter or tolerance, and the combination of material, hardness, and design provide a stronger joint.

They are universal, easily installed, reusable, self locking, can be double pinned, and of course custom-engineered to meet your requirements.

Slotted pins are manufactured with optimized chamfers, defined slot width, and optimized radius at intersections, which makes them perfect for high speed automatic feeds. As a result of their defined design, the slot width avoids part nesting so that automatic feeding is effective without high costs.

Coil pins typically lend themselves to hinge applications. With their uniform length and flexibility, coiled pins provide equal stress distribution and controlled radial shock, offering reduced fastener costs. Their square ends make them suitable for automatic feeds, and their shape conforms to out-of-round holes.

They are manufactured in three duties; standard (or medium) duty, heavy duty, and light duty. Standard duty pins have adequate characteristics and strength for most applications and boast lighter wall thickness and inherent flexibility. Heavy duty coil pins offer superior shear strength and are highly recommended for applications where loading and stress factors are elevated, while light duty pins are used in soft materials where strength is not a factor.

Coil pins hold all the way around so have a better holding power and are more forgiving on hole size. Slotted pins holds on three points, but have a higher double shear. The pin type that you ultimately use will depend on your requirements. If you need help choosing, our engineers are available to assist.

Make Your Supply Chain Stronger

In an economy where raw materials can be challenging to source and lead times can disrupt production, it’s more important than ever to put measures in place that keep your pipeline moving. Vogelsang has implemented a number of proactive solutions so we can offer a stable supply of the products you need.

We’ve increased stock production, which means more inventory and lower lead times for standard products, and the ability to handle demand at its peak.

Pins are both manufactured and heat treated domestically, reducing lead times further. And we perform in-house slitting and profiling to maximize the production capacity of a master coil, decreasing issues that may arise from raw material shortages in the future.

Products are replenished consistently to ensure timely delivery, and thousands of products are available for same-day shipping through our stock program.

Flexible Purchasing

Vogelsang offers packaging and programs that make it easy to purchase. Special packaging options include 9×9 cartons, 4×4 cartons, as well as bagged pins.

There are no minimum purchase requirements. Whether you need a small quantity or want to place a bulk order, our top priority is to improve the purchasing experience and support our customers in an increasingly demanding market.

In addition, we will work with you to customize a purchasing program that works for you. We will put together a program for a guaranteed stock bank so you don’t have to worry about production. And we can be creative about helping you secure product and fit your purchasing environment, whether with a blanket order, release order, letter of intent, or commitment letter.

Experience The Vogelsang Difference

More products in stock, more efficient customizations, faster turnaround times, and a personal attention to detail means products and service that you can count on.

Whether you know which part you need, or have a complex application and need a recommendation, Vogelsang product engineers are here to help.

Request a quote online, or call us toll free at (800) 526-2376 to find out how we can support your fastening needs.