VFS has lowered minimum order requirement to just $50!

Because we value our clients and work hard to provide the best customer service, we have taken our clients’ requests to lower our minimum order requirement. Effective immediately, orders can be placed as low as $50 on our extensive line of stock Rollpins® and stock Coiled Spring Pins, with same-day shipment available on orders received weekdays […]

VFS: “Wear” Economics Matter!

More than ever, companies are hard-pressed to find ways to save money in both manufacturing and repair settings. One such way is to use wear parts at pivot points, specifically Tension Bushings manufactured by VFS (Vogelsang Fastener Solutions). Tension Bushings are hollow cylinders with a full-length longitudinal slot (“wavy” or straight), permitting compression and expansion. […]

What Keeps America Moving Forward? Industry.

VFS provides American industries with Heavy Duty Large Diameter Tension Pins which can be found in virtually every critical piece of equipment & machinery. VFS has a wide variety of Large Diameter Slotted Tension Pins and Large Diameter Coiled Tension Pins. Whether it’s Inch or Metric, VFS has the right pin to get the job […]

“Wear” It Well with Type III (Wavy Slot) Tension Bushings

 With an ever-vigilant eye on industry trends and customer demands, Vogelsang Fastener Solutions, Inc. (VFS) is making Type III slot configurations the standard for all of its Tension Bushings. Bill Pappas, Business Development Manager for VFS explains “We saw an increase in requests for Type III Tension Bushings and wanted to make sure our customers […]

A closer look at VFS Heavy Duty Coiled Spring Pins

  What makes a Heavy Duty Coiled Spring Pin from VFS so special begins with its construction. A strip of hardened steel is rolled in coils (approximately 2 1/4 times) to make a VFS Heavy Duty Coiled Spring Pin. By virtue of this design, Coiled Spring Pins are resilient, versatile and maximize the lifespan of […]

Automotive Spring Pins: The Features of a Coil Pin — with Big Savings!

Automotive Spring Pins from Vogelsang Fastener Solutions, Inc. (VFS) combine the features of coiled spring pins with sophisticated German tool design to provide high quality and reliable non-threaded fasteners with savings. Designed for high volume automatic feed lines, Automotive Spring Pins provide features and benefits for your application. VFS has provided these remarkable pins to […]

VFS “Wraps” Up the Market on Coiled Spring Pins

Coiled Spring Pins manufactured by Vogelsang Fastener Solutions, Inc.  (VFS) provide a most resilient and versatile fastening solution. By coil-wrapping lighter wall thickness material approximately 2.25 times, these non-threaded tension fasteners enhance the characteristics of Slotted Spring Pins.   As a Coiled Spring Pin is installed, the coils absorb the compression from the outer wrap […]

An Experienced Team Helps VFS Meet New Challenges

Vogelsang Fastener Solutions, Inc. (VFS) is happy to announce Bill Pappas as their new Business Development Manager for Tension Bushings, USA, Canada, and Mexico.  Pappas — a Mechanical Engineer with 25 years of Industrial Business Development — has been with Vogelsang for 00 years in various capacities. He is excited to bring his experience to […]

Vogelsang Fastener Solutions: New Name, Expanded Offerings!

Due to substantial growth and a laser-focused commitment to improved customer service, Vogelsang Corporation has expanded into two separate companies; Vogelsang Corporation, and Vogelsang Fastener Solutions, Inc. (VFS) effective October 1st, 2013. Both companies fall under the Vogelsang corporate umbrella with Vogelsang Corporation expanding into a new production facility, and Vogelsang Fastener Solutions, Inc. concentrating […]

Vogelsang offers full line of Metric Rollpins®

Also known in the industry as slotted spring pins, tension pins, split pins, and expansion pins, Vogelsang manufactures an large line of Rollpins®. These fasteners are universal because they replace a wide variety of different fasteners. They are timesaving because they can be installed in a single operation. They are economical because they are made in one piece and are easily removable.