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Tension bushings are the ideal fastener of choice for high-load/low-speed operations in harsh, lubricated or non-lubricated environments. They’re designed to prevent friction wear in applications with a bore hole and shaft, protecting more expensive and critical parts from damage. All of Vogelsang’s tension bushings are split hardened to RC 45-50, distinguishing them from other bushings in the market.

Their true advantage is reflected in dramatically reduced maintenance costs and increased “wear time” between changing existing bushings. Chamfers facilitate insertion and removal in the field with minimal tools, further reducing labor costs and minimizing time spent managing your application.

They are so valuable to industries from mechanical engineering to automotive engineering, mining, lawn and garden, construction, railway, towing, utility, waste and recycling, material handling, hydraulic cylinders, and agriculture, to name a few, that any delay in the production and ordering process can have significant consequences.

At Vogelsang Fastener, we’re committed to providing our customers with the highest quality product, fastest turnaround times, and easiest ordering process possible. Here’s how we prove that to customers every day.

Increased Production Capabilities And Greater Stock Of Our Split Hardened Bushings

To meet rising demand in the current market, we’ve increased our stock production orders by 50%. That means more inventory for standard products, and the ability to handle customer demand at its peak.

In addition, we’ve expanded production capacity in our Germany and Czech plants, with another expansion in Kentucky on the table.

We’ve put in a major raw material order with three wall thicknesses of 61-50 in stock – 1/8, 3/16, and 1/4. That means not only are the parts you most commonly need available for immediate turnaround, but we’re anticipating your future needs with a robust inventory program.

In-House Production With Less Wait Time

Vogelsang performs in house slitting and profiling to maximize the production capacity of a master coil, decreasing any issues that may arise from a raw material shortage in the future.

And with raw materials in house, your wait time from order to product delivery is dramatically reduced.

Our goal is not only to stock and manufacture products efficiently, but to prepare for potential supply disruptions and plan effectively for the ongoing needs of our customers.

Simple, Customer-First Ordering

Stock split hardened tension bushings are available in inventory and ready for same day shipment. It’s easy to get a quote online for the parts you need, or call our product specialists at (800) 526-2376 to help with your order.

In addition, a substantial variety of tension bushing sizes and options are available for special order. Options include outer diameters from 4” to 5”, slot designs including arrow, V, and wavy slots, internal or external grease grooves, grease hole, locating device, single chamfer, and special materials.

We will work with you to customize a purchasing program that works for you, whether with a blanket order, release order, letter of intent, or commitment letter. Our goal is to get products to you as quickly and stress-free as possible.

At Vogelsang Fastener, our customer relationships are our top priority. To demonstrate that, we consistently work to provide you with quality products, exceptional service, and a company you can rely on to produce and delivery what you need, when you need it.

Talk to a Vogelsang rep to see how we can make buying easier. Our product specialists and engineers are ready to help.