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Vogelsang Steps Up To Support The Arc Of New Jersey

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Throughout the year Vogelsang Fastener participates in events and fundraisers as part of our mission to support and give back to our local communities. This past May, Vogelsang joined with our local chapter of The Arc of New Jersey to raise funds and awareness for this worthy organization.

The mission of The Arc is to promote and protect the human rights of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and to actively support their full inclusion and participation in the community throughout their lifetimes.

Vogelsang’s engagement with the organization pre-dates its participation in formal fundraisers.

“We started working with The Arc just over two years ago,” says Nick Penney, National Sales Manager. “We thought they could offer a good solution for a challenge we were facing. Our business had been expanding and our bagging and kitting area was backlogged.”

Nick Penney and wife Dorothy set off in support of The Arc.

Vogelsang partnered with The Arc to employ additional help. Together, they came up with a plan to train the new bagging and kitting assistants and set them up for success.

Vogelsang has been pleased with the results since. “They do an excellent job,” Nick confirms. “It’s a good partnership, a win-win for everyone. I would encourage any business to look at The Arc.”

This year marks Vogelsang’s second event sponsorship. With an option to complete either a one mile fun walk or a 5k race, Vogelsang’s participants chose their preferred activity.

“Dorothy and I participated in the 5k race,” Nick says of he and his wife. “Jen, Dale and their daughter Addison walked,” he adds.

Dale Stuban, Managing Director, has an even longer history with the organization.

“I’ve worked with The Arc, Lexington, Kentucky chapter, and when we had the opportunity to outsource our assortment kit assembly work here in New Jersey, I immediately thought of our close neighbor, The Arc, Lakewood chapter.”

It is a testament to the excellence of the organization and its mission that not only do businesses engage with them, but they do so repeatedly and with confidence.

And once engaged, it is easy to be inspired.

Jen and Dale with daughter Addison in the spirit of the day.

“Over the past year we have had multiple opportunities to visit The Arc work center and interact with the workers assembling our kits. We support The Arc whenever we have the opportunity. We have also donated two vending machines, some storage racking, and regularly attend their local events.”

Jen Stuban, Director of Finance & Administration, shares his passion and sentiment.

“Vogelsang is a strong supporter of The Arc. I have been able to attend local events, meet the people who work on our products, and open new opportunities with The Arc. When the walk was announced, I was more than excited to not only support financially but also support with my time.”

Dale agrees. “Jen, Addison and myself took part in the Arc’s annual walk-a-thon without a question.”

“It was such an incredible event to attend as a family,” Jen says. “Addison could not have been more excited to go. She played games, spoke to people, and cheered them on as they walked alongside of her. It is so important to me that my children give back to the community as much as I do so I loved having her with me.”

Dale reinforces the profound sense of community and support that is evident at the event. “All of The Arc’s workers had so much fun and were very engaging with their supporters. In fact, one young man even out of nowhere hugged our daughter whom was delighted to hug him back.”

Participants and members of The Arc community preparing for their first step.

In total, Vogelsang was represented at the fundraiser by five passionate striders, and Vogelsang was also an event sponsor.

“What an event, and so well attended,” Dale reminisces. “The Arc is an incredible organization and we will continue to support them in any way we can.”

“It really was amazing,” Jen agrees. “There were so many great people and such tremendous community support.”

The annual Step Up for The Arc event of this local chapter raised over $77,000 to support the ongoing programs of the organization, and businesses like Vogelsang and its employees continue to promote the mission, vision and values of this “people-first” organization.

In the words of Nick Penney, it was a “win-win”, as the organization garnered funds and recognition, and the participants engaged in a rewarding experience. Walkers enjoyed a low-key day with friends, family and like-minded community members. And as for the runners, Nick had this to say: “Dorothy and I were not in last place!”

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The Arc is a national organization with approximately 700 state and local chapters, with chapters serving all of New Jersey’s 21 counties to help people with intellectual and other developmental disabilities achieve their fullest potential.

“I would encourage any business to seek them out,” Dale concludes.

If you would like to learn more about this organization and others that Vogelsang supports, visit our Community Giving page. We are grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the individuals and families in our communities.