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We call them tension pins and coiled spring pins. You may know them as trigger pins, bolt catch roll pins, trigger guard pivots, latch roll pins, or something else. Whatever the name, these fasteners are designed and manufactured to meet exacting standards.

The Coil Pin Difference

Coiled spring pins begin with a strip of hardened steel wrapped in coils approximately 2.25 times. By virtue of this design, coil pins absorb shock and vibrations and will not gouge softer materials.

They distinguish themselves from other tension pins at assembly, as the direction of the applied load need not be considered.

As a coiled pin is installed, the coils absorb the compression from the outer wrap to the inner wrap and equally distribute stresses throughout the pin.

Pins continue to flex after installation, and when a load is applied, continuously absorb the load evenly throughout the pin. They offer greater radial contact, decreasing the potential for hole damage. Coiled pins will provide a minimum of 270° surface contact in the hole.

Their square ends make them suitable for automatic feeds, and their shape conforms to out-of-round holes.

They are especially valuable in applications such as axles, pivots, door handles, door locks, cases, hinge pins, alignment pins, stop pins, circuit breakers, electric motors, pumps, steering columns, trigger mechanisms, and in assembly settings with multiple components.

Consistent High Quality

All Vogelsang pins are manufactured in NATO countries, ensuring the most consistently high-quality products on the market.

Coiled pins are offered in standard inch (fractional) and metric sizes for both stock and custom orders. They can also be designed to special length tolerances for close tolerance applications.

Coil spring pins are manufactured in three duties; standard (or medium duty), heavy duty, and light duty.

The standard duty has adequate characteristics and strength for most applications. The lighter wall thickness and inherent flexibility of this pin makes it ideal for use in more malleable or pliant applications.

Heavy duty coil pins offer superior shear strength and are highly recommended for applications where loading and stress factors are elevated.

Light duty coil pins are used in soft materials where strength is not a factor.

Common Parts In Stock, Special Options Available

Vogelsang maintains a large selection of coiled pins in stock, with quick turnaround time on bulk orders. Items are replenished consistently to ensure the most timely delivery possible, with same-day shipment on a wide range of sizes in a variety of raw materials.

Vogelsang coiled spring pins are resilient, versatile, and maximize the lifespan of the applications in which they are inserted. They absorb shock and vibration without compromise to the pin’s strength. Their uniform length and flexibility provides equal stress distribution and controlled radial shock, offering reduced fastener costs.

For more information or help finding the right part, contact us online or call (800) 526-2376. If you know the part you need you can request a quote now, or browse our current stock.