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You may know them as tension pins, spring pins, locking dowel pins, trigger pins, or one of any number of industry-insider terms. But a slotted Rollpin® by any other name is still an exceptional fastener.

These hollow pins are slit longitudinally over their entire length to permit compression during insertion. This design gives them a unique, self-locking quality that not only simplifies design but reduces assembly and production costs, particularly since they can be installed in a single operation.

The Myriad Benefits Of Rollpins

They reduce the weight of an application by eliminating the use of solid pins, taper pins, dowel pins and other types of fasteners, and improve safety in applications when used as hinge points and bearing retainers.

These pins can also dramatically reduce costs. Per piece they are far less expensive than solid pins, screws, and other alternatives. You’ll be impressed by how these fasteners simplify product design, increase product reliability, and reduce production costs and rejection losses.

Features And Special Options

In addition to their many benefits, they can be designed with features to match your application needs.

They can accept a wide variety of platings and coatings, with specialized platings available on request. Plating options include mechanical zinc plated, phosphate and oil, black oxide, and many other corrosion resistant options.

In addition, all Rollpins are manufactured to military specifications with matte platings designed to eliminate shine.

They can also be manufactured with special slot designs per your specification, including semi-circle, wave, traverse wave, and trapezoid.

Vogelsang Fastener Solutions has the broadest range of offerings of metric slotted tension pins in the world. Pins range from m1 to m50 outer diameter, all the way up to 250mm in length. Pins are also available in imperial/inch specifications.

Benefits Across Industries

The Rollpin has found a place in just about every manufacturing industry where two components are being joined and where you don’t want the fastener to extend beyond your application.

For industries spanning firearms, medical, auto, construction, wind power, railroad, mining, transportation, agriculture, wastewater, oil, material power handling, off road equipment, waste management, recycling, and many more. Rollpins have been reliably helping manufacturers save money, enhance safety, increase fastening security, and improve application outcomes for half a century.

Whatever you requirement, Vogelsang will work with you to customize a program that works for you, whether with a blanket order, release order, or commitment letter. For fast turnaround, we can put in an order internally and protect inventory for you.

We have excellent stock levels of most popular product sizes in a variety of raw materials and can ship orders the same day.

For more information or help finding the right part, contact us online or call (800) 526-2376. If you know the part you need you can request a quote now, or browse our current stock.