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Since 1972, Vogelsang has been serving customers throughout North America with engineered fastening solutions for a wide array of applications. Now, as 2022 sees us celebrating our 50th anniversary, we’ve added yet another advantage to what you can expect when working with us.

Our recent acquisition of Hedtmann (Hagen Germany) is a significant stepping stone on our continued journey to provide the broadest range of products, the most comprehensive services, and the highest quality solutions for all of your fastening needs.

Founded in 1901, Hedtmann is managed by the fifth generation of family ownership, proving their long-standing commitment to excellence. Today, they operate worldwide, and are recognized for high delivery reliability and flexibility.

We are pleased to be able to expand our manufacturing capabilities through this partnership, including expanded Compression Limiter production, expanded Tension Bushing options and ranges, and a new product line of Express Nails.

Our increased Compression Limiter production capabilities includes greatly expanded flange production thanks to in-house automatic flange tooling. This directly benefits the automotive industry, heavy trucking, medical, and any industry that relies on plastic injection molding.

In addition, we have expanded our service capabilities to be able to perform in-house grinding and sorting, which allows us to produce extremely tight tolerances to exacting standards.

For applications that include transmissions, engines, pumps, and other automotive components, this provides the advantage of an extremely tight fitting product that eliminates movement or slippage, and prevents caustic materials like oil and gas products from seeping between parts.

Our expanded Tension Bushings line now includes DIN 1498 and DIN 1499 in metric sizes.

With our new product line of Nail Sleeves, we can now offer the construction industry even more options. These economical fasteners are easily installed into concrete or any masonry substrate, and provide secure connections when used to attach timber frames, battens and similar materials.

Industries and applications that can reap the benefits of Vogelsang’s full product line and engineering capabilities includes agriculture equipment, automation, automotive, construction, engines, industrial wholesalers, insulation technology, mechanical engineering, medical, plant engineering, plastic modules, railways and railroad cars, shipbuilding, utility, waste and recycling, mining, lawn and garden, material handling, electrical and more.

Vogelsang Fastener Solutions, Inc. continues to invest in the future of our company and customers. We pride ourselves on being a solution provider for engineered applications while remaining to be the only Rollpin, Coil Pin & Tension Bushing producer with a Stock Program for quick shipping of standard products.

And now with our expanded capabilities and product offerings, we can serve our customers’ needs even better. As we celebrate our 50th anniversary this year we look forward to providing high-quality solutions that meet your exacting needs.

Contact us for a quote or reach out to our team of engineers if you’d like to discuss your application.