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Metric Slotted Tension Pins Offer A Cost-Effective Fastening Solution

By September 21, 2021June 19th, 2024Product Highlights
slotted tension pins

The slotted tension pin is a multi-purpose, non-threaded, versatile and economic fastener that can be used in an extensive array of applications.

They regularly function as fasteners, hinge pins, stop pins, assembly pins, dowel pins, locating pins, shear pins, and in other roles, and can be used in stampings, castings, forgings, sintered metals, hard rubber and plastics.

Their hollow cylindrical design reduces assembly and production costs, particularly since these tension pins can be installed in a single operation. Vogelsang metric slotted tension pins, in particular, have a number of advantages that can benefit your application. These are some of the features and customizations that you can take advantage of when designing the right solution for your fastening needs.

The Broadest Stocking Range Of Metric Slotted Tension Pins Anywhere In The World

When it comes to metric tension pins, Vogelsang has the unique distinction of stocking the broadest range of sizes you’ll find anywhere. Vogelsang manufactures pins ranging from M1 to M50 outer diameter, all the way up to 250mm in length.

These unique large diameter pins are preferred in industries spanning wind power, railroad, mining, construction equipment and more. Pins with a diameter of M16 to M30 are often found in industries that include agriculture, off road equipment, waste management and recycling.

Our heavy duty ISO 8752 pins are available in diameters of M1 to M50, and are favored in applications where more shear load is required. You can increase your shear strength by inserting a smaller pin into a larger pin to strengthen your application.

Our light duty ISO 13337 pins are available in lengths up to 250mm and are specifically designed for weight savings and soft material applications like plastics and soft metals like aluminum.

The most common raw material for both light duty ISO 13337 and heavy-duty ISO 8752 is high carbon spring steel that is heat treated to achieve optimum shear strength in all standard parts. Carbon steel is C67S.

Another common stocking material is 18-8 stainless steel and work hardened 18-8 nickel chromium steel. Stainless steel pins are exclusively made of 1.4310 (X10CrNi18-8). We offer specialty materials per customer request.

Customizability With Features Designed For Your Application

The combination of material, hardness, and design of a slotted pin provides a stronger joint than many of the solid steel pins, taper pins, or grooved pins of like diameter. Our slotted tension pins are chamfered for easy insertion. Any pin of OD M10 and greater is available in a standard single chamfer configuration but can be customized with two chamfers on request.

In addition to the overall benefits of these pins, we can customize them with an array of features to meet your specific needs.

For example, tension pins can be manufactured with special slot designs per your specification. Choose a semi-circle slot design, wave slot design, traverse wave design or trapezoid design depending on your application.

Additionally, non-interlocking slots can be included for high-speed automatic feeds and high volume production parts.

Pins can also be pressed at the ends, and the angles of bevels can be changed to sit below the surrounding diameter, so that the pin doesn’t interlock and is easier on soft material designs.

Our pins can accept a wide variety of platings and coatings, with specialized platings are available on request, such as greater corrosion protection. Please note that on ISO standard fasteners, interlocking of plated parts is possible. It is recommended to have a specialized, controlled slot design on plated pins.

With a multitude of options available, our engineers can meet your specifications, or work with you to design the precise fastening solution for your needs.

Unique Engineering Features

Unique features can be included in your pin design to fulfill the most demanding applications.

Some of these features include flanges for hinged designs; modified chamfers, including reduced chamfers for special hole applications; modified slot designs to reduce insertion force; additional holes; locating features for smooth locking to prevent pins from rotating; specially closed gaps; designs created specifically for use in automatic feeds, and more.

In high vibration impact applications, such as in construction, agriculture and waste management, pins can be doubled by inserting one pin into another, typically large diameter pin, to gain shear force. This offers the advantages of a tension pin with more strength, while still providing weight savings over a solid pin, all without damaging equipment.

Let Vogelsang Design A Reliable & Cost Effective Solution For Your Application

Vogelsang metric slotted tension pins give you full control over your product design. From the broadest range of sizes to our expansive list of custom features, they are ideal for unique applications or when you’re looking for a more reliable, cost-effective solution.

Vogelsang has a unique non-interlocking tension pin design for automotive spring pins. Designed for high-speed automatic feed lines, these pins have controlled pre-tension modified slots and gaps to make high speed automatic feeds work efficiently. These pins can seamlessly displace more expensive coil pins where automatic insertion is involved. Browse this exclusive line of products here.

Whatever you fastening needs, our engineers are available to help you create precisely the part you need. Contact us to speak with an engineer, or if you know the part you need, request a quote and we’ll respond promptly.