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Weight, cost, aesthetics, durability… these are just some of the design considerations that are important to small arms manufacturers. When it comes to meeting the challenges of firearm applications, Vogelsang’s ASP pin is up to the task.

Pins With Unique Features

The ASP pin sets completely new standards in performance and is the result of decades of practical experience. Designed to combat the cost and limitations of coil pins, these pins are both stronger than a standard pin, and designed specifically for automatic feeds.

ASP pins are made in a punch press operation with C67S, a non-alloyed stainless steel in accordance with DIN EN 10132-4:2003, and heat treated to exacting standards. This process achieves the optimum combination of elasticity and hardness and assures you of a highly consistent pin.

With Vogelsang’s exclusive ASP pins, we guarantee optimum placement, especially in the case of soft materials such as plastic or aluminum. To achieve this, we ensure that pre-tension is significantly reduced and that the outside edges are rounded.

Pins are tapered with special angles on chamfers at both ends. That means pins won’t scrape, snag, or grab when being inserted into a bore hole, effectively eliminating the risk of damage to soft parts.

Optimized chamfers, defined slot width, and optimized radius at intersections make these pins perfect for high speed automatic feeds. As a result of their defined design, the slot width avoids part nesting so that automatic feeding is most effective without high costs.

Designed To Reduce Weight And Cost With Unique Benefits For Firearms

These pins are specifically designed to replace coiled pins, solid pins, fitted sleeves, and solid alignment dowels for a simple, reduced weight, and low cost alternative.

They are effective in reducing cost in the manufacturing process since they do not require special hole preparation.

They are designed for all the exact same bore holes sizes for ISO8752, ISO1337, ISO8748, and ISO8750 pins, so they can be used in an existing application without changing the design, significantly reducing potential costs and simplifying the manufacturing process.

ASP pins can accept a variety of platings, including non-reflective platings that are ideal for military and law enforcement applications.

In addition, they are reusable, and can be easily knocked out and reassembled during cleaning.

Stock Products For Fast Turnaround

ASP pins are made to order and designed for high volume production. We can work with you to customize a program that suits your needs, whether through a blanket order, release order, or other program so you can spread shipments over a period of a year.

For more information or help finding the right part, contact us online or call us toll-free at 800-526-2376 to speak with one of our engineers.