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Vogelsang Fastener Solutions, Inc. has entered 2021 with a new online look, more product information about our fasteners and rolled tubular parts, and a website that makes it easier for our customers to find precisely the part they need.

Find out more about some of the improvements we’ve made, how they can help you, and what’s coming next.

Easier To Navigate

If you’ve ever gotten lost in drop down lists and pop up menus, then you’ll appreciate our straightforward navigational style. We’ve provided you with all of the essentials up front – easy access to our certificates, quote request form, contact information and more.

If you’re looking for a product, it’s easy to click through to our product lines, including all the fasteners and tubular parts you’re familiar with – tension pins (rollpins), coiled and slotted spring pins, compression limiters, ground hollow dowels, automotive spring pins, spindles, engineered pins, spacers, axle sleeves, anti vibration cages, shock absorber sleeves, weld eye rings, and chassis – in both standard and custom configurations.

Products are organized neatly into inch and metric categories, and bigger, bolder photos make it easy to scan and find what you’re looking for.

We’ve included ancillary information at the bottom of every page for your convenience, including our terms, access to credit application, and links to news articles like this one.

Access To Stock Program Information

Vogelsang has a full line stocking program of the most popular product sizes in a variety of raw materials, including various carbons and gauges of stainless steel. We stock slotted tension pins, rolled spring pins, and tension bushings ready for immediate same day shipments.

To see a broad sampling of the products we stock, simply click through from the main navigation, browse by inch or metric, and view the part numbers and sizes available.

We do our best to display as many stock products as we can, but we currently stock many thousands of items, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, we’ve made it easy for you to contact us and ask.

More Product Information

In addition to new photography, we’ve included more information about our products to help you choose what’s best for your needs.

On each product page you can learn more about what the product is, how it is manufactured, its features and benefits, and an overview of some relevant applications.

Many products also include specifications, brochures, and technical information, with additional photos, diagrams and detailed information.

Easy Rep Finder

If you’re looking for a local product representative, the answer is just a click away. Visit our interactive map, choose a state, and you’ll have immediate access to the name and contact information for product reps in your area.

And remember, if you want to talk to an engineer, we’re a click or a phone call away. All of our contact information is at the bottom of very page, and our contact forms are streamlined and easy to use.

Mobile Friendly

Whether you access our website on your desktop, laptop, tablet or smart phone, all of the features, functionality, photography and product information is just as easily and readily available.

No squinting or zooming to read or get specs. No popups, dropdowns, flyovers, or other distracting technology to get in the way of your goal. We’ve kept it simple and easily accessible.

Pro tip: On very small screens, like a portrait-oriented smart phone, swipe gently left or right on any of our specification tables to scroll for information that may not be immediately displayed. We’ve worked hard to be sure that everything is legible at all times and to avoid crowding.

What’s Next?

Our website is designed to make it easy and fast for you to find what you’re looking for – whether it’s a quote request form, certificate, or a product like rollpins, spring pins, tension bushings or another of our fasteners or tubular parts.

We’re always improving and looking for ways to include helpful information. As such, we continue to add product information, photos, applications, specifications and details.

We’ll be adding a glossary to help you parse common terms and alternative product names so you can easily recognize the ones you’re familiar with.

We’ll have more information about our punch press and metal forming technologies so you can learn more about the processes we use.

As trade show dates become available, we’ll be adding those as well.

We’re also planning to add more information about options that are available to you, such as different platings, slot designs, and more.

And we’ll be publishing articles here to share practical applications, helpful information, company news and more. You can sign up for our email list below if you’d like to be notified when something new is available.

If you have feedback or encounter a challenge using our site, we invite you to contact us and let us know. We will do our best to make your experience as beneficial and pleasant as possible.

Whether your requirement is metric or fractional, we look forward to designing the lowest cost and highest quality solution for you.