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Spring is here, and it’s a season when more agricultural equipment is being manufactured, used, and repaired. And with every year that passes, agriculture manufacturing companies seek more ways to reduce manufacturing and repair costs.

One way to save money is to use wear parts at pivot points. Tension bushings manufactured by Vogelsang Fastener Solutions (VFS) are designed for this scenario, and are ideal for use at slow rotation pivot points, hydraulic ends, buckets, and attachment points.

Any shaft movement in a bore induces friction wear of the shaft and/or the bore. To avoid this, an intermediary part made of more resistant material must be inserted between the two relatively moving parts. Tension bushings, easily inserted and withdrawn, are an economical solution to this problem.

Vogelsang Tension Bushings: High Quality, Low Cost Solutions

Equipment parts can be costly to produce, repair and replace, which means you don’t want those parts, like arm units or other high-value components, to wear out. Tension bushings at pivot points can take the pressure.

Tension Bushings are hollow cylinders with a full-length longitudinal slot permitting compression and expansion. They are specifically designed to protect the bore hole and the shaft, and perform very well in low RPM, high impact applications, providing exceptional wear characteristics.

They are ideal for high-load/low-speed operations in harsh, non-lubricated environments. Tension bushings are available in both inch/fractional and metric sizes.

A Cost Saving Alternative

Did you know that Tension Bushings are also known as Spring Bushings, and Split Steel Bushings? Whatever you call them, VFS Tension Bushings are an excellent cost-saving alternative to solid bushings and can increase the amount of “wear time” between changing existing bushings.

VFS bushings are produced from high carbon 6150 spring steel which has high elasticity and resilience. These material qualities are enhanced by thru-hardening in heat treatment. Our manufacturing process and the inherent elasticity of the material provide constant radial tension for tight fit.

Installation is easy in manufacturing environments, and for replacements in the field with minimal tools. Chamfers help facilitate pressing these wear parts into a bore hole without causing damage to the surface of the bore or shaft to which they are fitted.

VFS Stocking Program Keeps Your Production Lines Rolling

Vogelsang has a full stocking program of tension bushings available for immediate delivery. Stock sizes are available with an outer diameter (OD) from 3/4″ to 3 1/2″, and up to 3″ in length.

We offer same-day shipment on a large variety of sizes in both wavy and straight lot designs. Check our list of stock parts to see some of what’s available. If you don’t see the part you need, just ask. We carry thousands of stock products that may not be listed.

Special Orders For Unique Needs

A vast variety of tension bushing sizes and options are available for special order. Options include outer diameters from 4” to 5”, slot designs including arrow or V slots, internal or external grease screws, grease hole, locating device, single chamfer, and in special materials as you may require.

VFS has secondary equipment on-site so we can cut bushings to size in-house, reducing lead time and getting parts to you faster and more efficiently. In many cases we can cut and ship parts in the same day, accommodating very short lead times.

We also manufacture special per-print products from diagrams or drawings that you provide. VFS engineers are always available to create drawings and design products with you and for you.

Whatever you requirement, VFS will work with you to customize a program that works for you, whether with a blanket order, release order, or commitment letter. For fast turnaround, we can put in an order internally and protect inventory for you.

More Than Tension Bushings: Discover Other VFS Products For Agriculture

VFS also offer other products that can benefit agricultural applications, including large diameter tension pins used at application points to act as fasteners, hinge pins, stop pins, assembly pins and myriad other roles.

Slotted tension pins and coiled tension pins both offer protection in hinges where there are small movements, and they can be used as spacers to reduce fastening costs. You may recognize these parts as roll pins, spring pins, spiral pins or bucket pins.

VFS Tension Bushings Give You An Advantage

If you’re looking to reduce manufacturing and repair costs of agricultural equipment, VFS tension bushings can provide the solution.

They’re self locking, through-hardened, and do not require freezing. They can withstand going into ovalated holes, are easily installed in an equipment assembly setting for effortless replacement in the field, and are easily removed with hammer and a drift pin.

These parts are excellent in pivot point applications thanks to their design, manufacturing process and high quality materials.

If you’d like to know more about VFS tension bushings, visit the product page on our website and browse to your choice of inch/fractional or metric bushings. You’ll find specifications, brochures, cross-reference guides and more.

If you’re ready to request a quote you can do so here, or contact us online or by phone toll free at (800) 526-2376 if you have questions or would like to speak to an engineer.

We look forward to offering a low cost, high quality, fast turnaround solution for your agricultural needs.