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Firearms manufacturers have many considerations when designing products – from aesthetics to weight, overall efficiency, durability, manufacturing timeframe, and cost. It may seem paradoxical that some of a manufacturer’s biggest challenges can be mitigated by the tiniest of parts – namely, the pins that are used in joined parts of the application.

Vogelsang offers both slotted tension pins (roll pins) and coiled spring pins, which can be used equally effectively in small firearm applications.

Slotted tension pins are multi-purpose, non-threaded fasteners that are slit longitudinally over their entire length to permit compression during insertion, which gives them a unique, self-locking quality.

Coiled spring pins begin with a strip of hardened steel wrapped in coils, approximately 2.25 times, and distinguish themselves from other tension pins at assembly, as the direction of the applied load needs not be considered.

Keep reading to find out more about why small firearms manufacturers trust Vogelsang to supply pins for their application’s fastening needs.

Weight And Cost Savings

Both slotted and coiled pins may be used interchangeably depending on your needs, offering strategic weight-saving over solid steel pins, taper pins, or grooved pins. Roll pins effectively can eliminate twelve other fastening methods.

Slotted tension pins are typically chosen for their notably lightweight. This economical solution is ideal when used in place of solid pins, taper pins, and dowel pins. Chamfered edges facilitate insertion without disrupting the hole diameter or tolerance, and the combination of material, hardness, and design provide a stronger joint.

With their uniform length and flexibility, coiled pins provide equal stress distribution and controlled radial shock, offering reduced fastener costs. They are ideal in the trigger mechanism and front mount system. Their square ends make them suitable for automatic feeds, and their shape conforms to out-of-round holes.

The pin type that you use will depend on your requirements. If you need help choosing, our engineers are available to assist.

Stock Products For Fast Turnaround

Vogelsang maintains a large selection of both coiled pins and slotted pins in stock, which means quick turnaround time on bulk orders so you can keep your production lines moving. Stock items are replenished consistently to ensure the most timely delivery possible.

We offer same-day shipment on a wide range of sizes in a variety of raw materials. Check our list of stock parts to see what’s available, and if you don’t know the part you need, just ask. We carry thousands of stock products that may not be listed.

Customizations And Special Orders

Our stock products can also be customized to suit your application needs, whether you want special plating, different finishes, or other features.

Slotted pins and coiled pins are offered in standard inch (fractional) and metric sizes for both stock and custom orders. Still, they can also be designed to special length tolerances for close tolerance applications.

Additional plating options include zinc phosphate, Black Phos & oil, Ā and black oxide for a matte, anti-reflective finish.

Whatever your requirements, our engineers are available to work with you to design to your specification or to evaluate your needs to help create the fastening solution that will suit your firearm application.

Made In The USA With Superior Materials

We call them tension pins and coiled spring pins. You may know them as trigger pins, bolt catch roll pins, trigger guard pivots, latch roll pins, or something else. Whatever the name, these fasteners are designed and manufactured to meet exacting standards.

All of our inch slotted pins are made in the USA with superior, high-quality spring steel that is heat-treated to a thermal black that offers a more consistent color for enhanced firearm aesthetics, as well as adding corrosion resistance.

All Vogelsang pins are manufactured in NATO countries, ensuring the most consistently high-quality products on the market.

When it comes to quality, cost savings, and an engineering team that you can rely on to serve your product application needs, Vogelsang has a proven history of delivering.

If you’d like more information about our pins, visit the product page on our website and choose the category that suits your needs. You’ll find brochures, specifications, application information and other details.

See our stock program page to browse our list of in-stock items, or you can call us by phone toll free at (800) 526-2376, or contact us with your questions.

If you would like a prompt quote on any specific part, complete our quote request form and we will respond with the information you need.

We look forward to helping you find the lowest cost, highest quality solution for your firearms application.