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Bushings For Frames/Chassis

Different shapes, profiles, and radial serrations options available

A cost-effective alternative to cut or machined tubing.

We produce bushings for suspension systems with high dimensional accuracy and concentricity.

Different shapes, profiles and radial serrations are available to be engineered into your product design. Our uncompromising commitment to quality ensures a flawless fit.

Features & Advantages

engineered part diagram
  • Inner rings, middle rings or outer rings
  • Reduce weight
  • Add strength
  • Tight tolerances
  • Engineered features
  • Closed tab gap or welded gaps
  • Flow-through holes
  • Location feature


Alternative cost saving to cut and modified tubes, these bushings products are built to customer specifications featuring a clinch seam design.

Various materials may be specified, including profiled edges, knurling, and other specialties. Tightly controlled tolerances, inventive cost-effective design, custom made to exacting standards.

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