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Reduce cost by eliminating secondary operations

Benefits applications where weight savings are needed

Spacers are used in special processes to assure a correct and fixed distance between two connected modules. Moreover the spacer absorbs the tightening force of the screw.

These products are designed to meet customer specifications and are rolled with several different seam configurations. We also offer automatic swedging for additional central thickness requirements.

Slot styles include outer, open, inner, closed, parallel, and seam closed to prevent rubber seepage. Vogelsang Spacers come in a variety of end styles and shapes. Vogelsang punch press technology allows for the addition of features without dramatically affecting the piece price, with a much more uniform pin than rolling.

Features & Advantages

spacer applications
  • Wide variety of sizes from m3 to m30 diameter, up to 250 mm in length
  • Can be plated
  • Custom designs on slots are available
  • Can be engineered with coating devices and pass thru holes
  • Can be engineered to have various slots and alignments
  • Knurls, serrations, internal chamfers, and double chamfers are available
  • Creates more secure joints
  • Cost savings vs cut tubing and vs sintered metal


Spacers are excellent in material handling environments, railroad, mining, and construction. They can also be used as a roller for material handling. For rubber applications (inner sleeve and outer sleeve) they can be molded around the rings.

Less wasted material means you save money on screw machine parts or turned parts.

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