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Shock Absorber Sleeves/Weld Eye-Rings

Custom products for highly specialized components

Close tolerance, special shapes, complex designs

Designed to accommodate the shock absorber rubber molding, Vogelsang’s custom product offers close tolerance, and special shapes while combining manufacturing technologies for complex designs.

We are many companies’ first choice for highly specialized components—all at attractive pricing!

Features & Advantages

shock absorber eye ring
  • Inner rings, middle rings or outer rings
  • Reduce weight
  • Add strength
  • Tight tolerances
  • Engineered features
  • Closed tab gap or welded gaps
  • Flow-through holes
  • Location feature


These products are specifically designed to meet customer specifications and are formed with several different seam configurations.

We also offer automatic swedging for additional central thickness requirements. Found mostly used for shock absorbers weld-eye rings as well as in various suspension applications.

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