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Slotted Tension Pins

Multi-purpose, non-threaded, versatile

Simplify product design, increase reliability, reduce costs and rejection losses

The slotted tension pin is a multi-purpose, non-threaded, versatile and economic fastener. These hollow cylinders are slit longitudinally over their entire length to permit compression during insertion, which gives them a unique, self-locking quality. It is a fastener which not only simplifies design but reduces assembly and production costs, particularly since it can be installed in a single operation.

The combination of material, hardness, and design provides a stronger joint than many of the solid steel pins, taper pins, or grooved pins of like diameter.

Chamfered edges facilitate insertion without disrupting the hole diameter or tolerance in any way. Vogelsang slotted tension pins are offered in several materials, the most common being high carbon spring steel thru-hardened for resilience and wear resistance.

Tension pins can be manufactured with special slot designs per your specification, giving you full control over your product design.

Vogelsang also has the largest selection of metric slotted pins, with pins ranging from M1 to M50 outer diameter, all the way up to 250mm in length.

These unique large diameter pins are preferred in industries spanning wind power, railroad, mining, construction equipment and more. Pins with a diameter of M16 to M30 are often found in industries that include agriculture, off road equipment, waste management and recycling.

Features & Advantages

slotted tension pin application
  • High carbon spring steel is heat treated to achieve optimum shear strength in all standard parts.
  • Standard finish is plain and oiled.
  • Available in work hardened 18-8 nickel chromium steel.
  • Can accept a wide variety of platings.
  • Can be ground for tight diameter applications.
  • Extremely cost effective to displace more expensive coil pin applications.
  • Universal, self-locking, durable.
  • Greater fastening security.
  • Easily installed.


Vogelsang Slotted Tension Pins are used in an extensive array of applications. They regularly function as fasteners, hinge pins, stop pins, assembly pins and in a myriad of other roles.

These tried and true all-purpose non-threaded fasteners can be used in stampings, castings, forgings, sintered metals, hard rubber and plastics.

Unique features can be included in the design to fulfill the most demanding applications. Some of these special tension pins include:

  • flared tension pins
  • headed tension pins
  • circumferential bevels with slot edges or wave tips below surrounding diameter
  • specially closed gaps
  • designs created specifically for use in automatic feeds

Inch & Metric Slotted Tension Pin Resources

In Stock

Inch Slotted Tension Pins (Roll Pins) SAE 1070-1090 High Carbon Plain

Inch Slotted Tension Pins (Roll Pins) SAE 51420 (420 Stainless Steel) Plain

Inch Slotted Tension Pins (Roll Pins) SAE 302-304 (18-8 Stainless Steel) Plain

Metric Slotted Light Duty Tension Pins Carbon ISO 13337 (formerly Din 7346)

Metric Slotted Heavy Duty Tension Pins Carbon ISO 8752 (formerly Din 1481)

Metric Slotted Heavy Duty Tension Pins 18-8 Stainless ISO 8752 (formerly Din 1481)


Inch Slotted Tension Pins (Roll Pins)

Inch Military Standard Pins

Metric Slotted Light Duty Tension Pins

Metric Slotted Heavy Duty Tension Pins

Product Brochures

ASME B.18.8.2-2000 Imperial (Inch) Slotted Tension Pins (Rollpins) And Medium And Heavy Duty Coil Pins

Metric Slotted Spring Pins (DIN EN ISO 8752, DIN EN ISO 13337) And Coiled Spring Pins (DIN EN ISO 8750, DIN EN ISO 8748)

Automotive Spring Pins

Inch Rollpins/Coil Pins Product Catalog

Metric Rollpins/Coil Pins Product Catalog

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