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Global Leaders in Engineered Tubular Fasteners

Vogelsang Fastener Solutions is a world-wide leading manufacturer of formed metal parts and one of the world’s largest producers of spring pins, (Rollpins® both slotted and coiled), Tension Bushings and tubular spacers.

We have manufacturing plants in the United States, Germany, Czech Republic, and France. Designers and engineers have long recognized the high level of Vogelsang’s metal forming technology.

Customers have come to depend upon our technological concepts, innovative capability, and the consistent high quality of our precision spring pins, Tension Bushings, tubular spacers and other formed metal products.


A closer look at VFS Heavy Duty Coiled Spring Pins

What makes a Heavy Duty Coiled Spring Pin from VFS so special begins with its construction. A strip of hardened steel is rolled in coils (approximately 2 1/4 times) to make a VFS Heavy Duty Coiled Spring Pin. By virtue of this design, Coiled Spring Pins are resilient, versatile and maximize the lifespan of the application to which it is inserted. Coiled Spring Pins immediately begin to distinguish themselves from other tension pins at assembly, as the direction of the applied load need not be considered. Further, as a Coiled Spring Pin is installed, the coils absorb the compression from the outer wrap to the inner wrap and equally distribute stresses throughout the pin.

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